Friday, June 27, 2008

OK - here are some new cards...

In reading the exploits of one of my INKredible Impressions sisters (our demo group) - on her blog- sistah Karen Barber made a new friend with a well known SCS member and artist Michelle Zindorf. Michelle makes some cool cards and very generously shares the techniques on how to make them. I have CASE'd two cards and I wanted to share them with you. This was a big stretch for me - and I think they came out ok. The sea scene needs some practice - it uses a roller and I need to keep practicing on how to NOT make definite lines and blend more without making the colors too dark or deep. Let's just say - you did NOT get to see the FIRST try of that one!! LOL From Michelle's tutorial - I have used all Stampin' Up!® product and stamps. Anywho - to share with you these two great stamping friends in Ohio, I am including their links at the bottom of the post. Now - I'd love to have you post "Maureen sent me" - except they'd say "Maureen, who?!?!?!" LOL I just know good stampers when I see them - and I would not have found Michelle without perusing Karen's blog - and she has only talked to me once on a conference call with Tina! But she is a known talent in our group and EVERYONE always wants one of her cards in a swap, I can tell you!! OK - 'nuff said - on to the cards!!!!

Karen Barber - INKy sistah Michelle Zindorf - SCS artist "extraordinare"

Here are June's Stamp a Stack samples!!

Sorry - I promised to post these last night - but we have been celebrating over here (check out About Us page) - and I didn't get to download the pics until this morning!!! So here they are!!! Directions will be given out at the SAS. We will be doing 6 baby cards, 4 thank you and 5 general.

These samples were CASE'd from Rhonda Bedell & Lisa Martz @ SU! website and from SCS or Stampin Up with Beate yahoo group.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Bob's Father's Day Card

This little beauty was a card that I learned to do at my up-line's meeting - that would be at Tracy Altemose's home. She learned this technique she shared with us, from her BFF, Diana Gibbs. Her BFF is also in our INKredible demonstrator group. AND - they are two of the most danged talented stampers anywhere....I know they are both known in Tina's group - and Tina has 1,000+ demo's in her down-line....and so that is saying something about their talent!!

The card is made to look like wood...and each line of wood is a cut piece of card stock...I just wish the picture did the card justice, because my husband was impressed - that's how WOW it is!!! Hope you enjoy looking at it as much as I loved making it (and still looking at it - LOL)!!!

The Secret Sister Gift I received - DDSS10

Thank you to my secret sister Pam! Look at the great stuff she sent to me!! I have to retake one of the close up shots as my camera is being a little fuzzy lately - of course its most likely me!!! LOL But check out these great gifts! I am sooo sad I decided I was unable to be a secret sis this round - but with everything going on - I thought it best to wait for DDSS 12.

Can you see it says Pixie DUST on the glitter!? LOVE THAT!

Here are the May 2008 Stamp a Stack Cards

We used the Suzy set from the mini, we made a popsicle card modeled after a card by Patty Bennett and a swap I got from convention last year, and I made the same card I had sent out in a large SWAP but used a different color scheme...

My Mothers' Day gift from Stephanie

Look what Stephanie made me! Its us with Queen Shelli! We had this taken at Session II Convention 2007. It was our first convention. She put it in a frame and decorated it with our Stampin' Up!® Rub-ons...Came out nice, eh?

LAST THING from Spring Fling!!!

This is the final entry I am making about Spring Fling...we made this card using the Dahlia fold. If you note it - we all got a pack of DSP and we used it on all our Make and Take projects...but I love being part of this SU family - run by Tina Rosenkrans - my up-up-up line...She is "da bomb!!!" Luv Ya Tina!!

Monday, June 9, 2008

I'm back!!!! (think sing-songy!!! LOL)

OK - so we are back from Mexico and WHAT a lovely time we had! Of course I was all worried about Bob and the melanoma so he is fine and I am burnt! DUH! Its OK - not bad - at least it looks like I WENT somewhere!! LOL Anyway - glad to be back - now the countdown to the end of school...I should throw a widget on here for that dang it! Anyhoo - it was lovely to find all the lovely comments, know my DDSS#10 got her reveal package (although I realized I left out my letter to her explaining who I am - another DUH!) I also found that my lil squash book or explosion book was given kudos on Susanna Boyd's blog - and boy does that take the cake!! I am so glad someone loves my stuff as well as I do!! LOL I know - my brain has fried as well!! LOL...but seriously - good to be back and will catch up with everyone soon - and will post directions and recipes for the goodies I have already shared...take care and ttyl!! TTFN!

Saturday, June 7, 2008

OK - fooled ya! I am still in Mexico - where we went for a destination wedding (see ReenS creations page and you can see the progression of hand made stuff and cool wedding things) Steph and Scruff are holding down the fort...she probably has a thousand friends over making stuff...but that's a good thing!!

Anyway - hopefully my Secret Sister DDSS#10 has gotten her package by now. These were the other gifts that I made her. I made a whole set for her. Its a matching Journal, photo album, paper clip, and little lunch box. I loaded the box with all kinds of hodgepodge and pretties. Then, my DH had found this little round box that is covered in shiny fabric, and he said, "Hey Reen - can't you stamp on this or put those things on it?" - things being the rub ons - and I was so impressed I bought it even though I didn't think it would work. But guess what? You're right!!! It did!! So I put rub on's like no tomorrow sista! Came out cute. I put a ribbon sampler from 2007 convention in it for my Secret Sis. Hope she doesn't have one already. Let me know what you think!

Thursday, June 5, 2008

ONE more thing - from the Spring Fling...

Surprise! No - not home yet!!!

This little guy is different pockets where you see the ribbon. We made it using the white cardboard that comes in the back of your DSP paper. I LOVE using stuff like that! Its a very green thing to do actually, and we all need to do a bit more of that. YKWIM? But - too cute I say. My up up up there upline Tina Rosenkrans and her gals are just FAB and I love going to her events. Plus - I just love Tina! If you look in the dictionary, under the word "PIP" - it says Tina Rosenkrans. LOL

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Have some stuff scheduled to post...

Cuz I will be in the Riviera Maya, Mexico sitting on the beach drinking a bunch of tequila and who knows what...for four days.....celebrating the wedding of my friend's son. Bob and I are going to relax and have fun and no worries for four days. And then we come home.... (sigh)

So.....ta ta for now!!! TTFN!!!! LOL

One of my SBS9 sisters out in CA had a swap and this was the card that I made. Since it is quarter after ten of the p.m. and I am not even finished packing for our five am drive to Philly airport, I am just posting and running....This card was made with the Always set and I used Magic Snowflake (or polished stone) technique on it. Emboss first on glossy card stock, dab some shiny ink (I used silver) and then drop your colors on a cotton ball and a big dab of alcohol - smears the colors up pretty cool. Then I wiped off the bird, let it dry, touched it with a sealant, and stamped on it and put the card together. Easy, but you HAVE to use the sealant outside or in the garage - and ventilate - that stuff is STINKY!! But a rather nice effect, doncha think??

a Preview of my Secret Sister Gifts I am sending...

OK - so ... you ever just make stuff and scare yourself it comes out so cute?!?!? That is what happened with I have to share it and pray that my DDSS#10 doesn't see it...I made a squash book using one of my favorite sets. I will have to post actual colors and the actual DSP - but I used regular coasters for this and all SU ENJOY it....I have to make another one cuz I am gonna cry when I mail this puppy out!! (yes - pun intended - muwha hahahahah)

ps= YILMS = yes I love myself!! - as per JanTink on SCS