Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Good ol' Summertime!!

Now - I really hope that the little set of Tart & Tangy from the past mini catty makes it into the new catalog, because there is so much you can do with that little set!! For instance...take a gander at the little gift set that was part of my girlfriend Kathy's birthday package...I found a cute magnetized notepad that screamed SUMMER at me - and combined it with a great 3 X 3 Tart & Tangy gift can make any kind of gift set this way - and those notepads are available everywhere! Just match up the colors and images...and then....wallah! GIFT SET!! Hope you think it is as stinkin' cute as I do!!! (and Kathy too!! She loved it!! right, Chatty??!?!?!)

Monday, July 21, 2008

Where have I been, you ask?

Well - right here at home of course.....but on STAY-CATION! For 10 whole entire days!!! LOL Thank Goodness, Bob is back to work this morning!! You know, I really love that man, but ... he followed me around like Scruffy!!! LOL Every time I was on the computer - he was in here.."whattaya doin'?" and then off we would go and do something else....I did get stuff done around the house, because the poor man didn't realize if we weren't going anywhere then I was going to whip out that LOONNNGGGG honey-do list!! I just didn't expect to be helping him do it all!! LOL oh well...togetherness! I did get some major cleaning and re-arranging of my craft space - and all will be put back for this Friday's GNO (Girls Night Out)... I do have a picture of a 3 x 3 card with a matching note pad to post that I gave as a gift...and I will share with you Stephanie's and my swaps for convention (7 DAYS - OMG!!!!)...ok - let me get on with getting back into my old routine....I think even Scruffy is exhausted from our Stay-cation too! Poor lil guy! ok - ttyl!!!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

I just HAD to share this with you!!

So - I get an e-mail from my incredibly talented up-line in SU!, Tracy Altemose, and she says "follow this link on SCS - I made a card from the new set we are pre-viewing" for the new Fall/Winter Catalog and Idea Book (the sock monkey) ...and she says this one is right up my alley with my (warped) humor...AND BOY IS IT EVER!!! She even wrote a little story about the card, which I am also copying verbatim from her.....I am still ROTFLMAO!!!!! (rolling on the floor....)...Now you can ALL see why I LOVE her so!!! Girlfriends are the best, man!!! Check this out....

"OK there is NO purpose to this card but to bring a smile to your face!!

The other stamp sets just can't handle the fact I have fallen in love with "The Sock Monkey" and have become Violent with The Monkey's Uncle. Well the Little Nephews are keeping quiet for fear those evil stamp sets will take it out on them as well!!! Who ? Who was it? Ahoy Matey Dude? Zoofari critters? Oh those frogs from Unfrogettable are upset cause they're Crokin' this year!!!

Hope you're Smilin" I had fun making this Silly Card!"

ok, yes I know that a long quote should be indented - but I have referenced the author Tracy - and the indent didn't look like a quote...anywho....go to this SCS link to check it out and favorite it! Leave her a comment and tell her I sent 'cha!!! LOL

Tracy's Naughty Sock Monkey on SCS


Monday, July 7, 2008

Directions for the Wiper on their way!!!

So many people have either commented or emailed me about the directions for the wiper card that I am going to do my first tutorial! So hang tight! It's in the works and I will be posting it in the next several days!! Thanks for all your interest and great comments!

Sunday, July 6, 2008

One More American Celebration

Well...two of my pals SAW the card I made in the July 3rd post - so they COULDN'T get THAT one! LOL So, I made THIS one! Its a WIPER CARD, and I must say, in the words of Jantink at SCS, YILM!!!! bwahahahhaha No really - didn't it come out lookin' swell? Take a gander....

Just to give credit where credit is due...I learned this from a Stamp and Scrap University several years ago...(sorry - just a lil snarky)....This is the first time I have really gone all out with it though...Of course, everything is Stampin' Up!® ...

Stamps: Independence Day, Celebrate Everything, and again (sorry) the retired 9-11 commemorative stamp
Paper: Real Red, Night of Navy, Whisper White and Brushed Silver
Ink: markers: real red, night of navy, brocade blue, versa; pads: white craft, versa, real red, night of navy
Access: Punches: scallop, 1 3/8 circle, 1 1/4 circle, large star; white EP, clear EP, distressing tool thingy, real red and brilliant blue pastels, scor-pal

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Happy 4th!!

I usually don't put cards with retired stamps on it - but this was too cute not to share....I did use the current Independence Day set for most of the card; Really red, Night of Navy and Whisper White paper and ink, white EP, white grosgrain ribbon. and a silver gel pen for doodling...The stamp that is retired is the other side of the card where it says God Bless America. It was issued as a memorial type stamp for 9-11 in 2001, and I really like it, and really wanted to use it despite its retired-ed-ness . YKWIM? Anyhoo, I was inspired by a card I saw in a recent craft mag - I think it may have been Cards or Card Making or some such thing - and as you can tell - these two posts are at 3:30 am (WHAT I am doing awake I have no idea!! but its summer!! hehehehe) so I am lucky I even remember it WAS a magazine.....ok - ok - here is the card - I need to make a passel to give to my gal pals at a shin-dig Friday - so girls - DON"T LOOK!!! So I gotta get busy tomorrow....but just in case.... MERRY INDEPENDENCE DAY!!!! or HAPPY FOURTH!!!! (can't you just hear those fireworks....oh - that's my neighbors...tee hee!!!) TTFN!!

Another Zindorf Inspiration...

Ok - you can blame Karen Barber for this "bug" I have caught - although it is a bug that is good...I's not like I'm obsessive-compulsive abut anything else in my life....SNORT!!.....yeah right! Just don't mention my obsession with school, with stamps, with supply collecting, with my dolls, with Disney.... yeah, uh-huh- oh, sure.....LOL Well, since I am going to get my Big Daddy tomorrow and bring him back to the dentist in Allentown, PA - (God forgive me, but I chuckle every time I think that the poor man can't get his new false teeth out of his mouth!!!) and bring him home for a while before Steph takes him home tomorrow night...I realized that I had not finished his father's day card...I knew we were going to be going out to dinner next week and was going to make sure it was all done then so I could put it on his gift...but since he is coming unexpectedly tomorrow - I needed to have it done now.... So I looked at what I was doing and had to totally change it up - and I have been inspired by Michelle Zindorf's style and current tutorial yet again and I feel better about the "rolling pin" or brayer this time...and I really like what I did....amazing!!! So - here is Big Daddy's belated card! Tell me what you think!

I used the Wanted stamp set and embossing powders; and the colors are Really Rust, Chocolate Chip and Very Vanilla. Also that is ribbon under the wanted piece.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

For my dear e-mail readers...

In an effort to be tech savvy, I have set up my site to use RSS feeds through FeedBurner, and I have added their e-mail notification as well...I am thinking that I should delete the FeedBlitz e-mail notifier. For those of you who have signed up for email updates on my posts, could you please pleases pretty please come back and sign in under the new boxed in FeedBurner e-mail notifier? I would ever so much appreciate it...and I certainly don't want to lose you! Thanks a mil! {{smooch}} lol

PS - please let me know if there are issues with the e-mail sign up - I tested it with one of my many emails and it worked so I have faith!!!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Bob's Fathers Day Card from Scruffy...LOL

So by now you must realize that I ADORE, LOVE, CRAVE the use of this set. Crazy I know - for some reason it just cracks me up!!! So - this was my version of Scruffy's card to his Daddy for Father's Day. I just hope y'all get WHAT the lil dots are for - "Lucy" had to 'splain to "Ricky" the card - LOL Took some of the hoot out of it - but all my gal pals totally got it!! Course, they are creative geniuses!!!! LOL No really they are!! I had the convention song playing "Dream Big" (doncha just love that!) - so, since I had no dream big stamp I had to use "Wish Big" - I shoulda put it more into the center but it was DOWN as I thought that.... Inside it says "... A Dream Come True" - get it? "My Dear Dad"..a Dream Come True"? Then I threw in "So glad you're my Dad" - The only other little teeny tiny glitch, if you want to call is such, is that when I put the mustache on the "Daddy thought" - he looked like Hitler! AHHHHHH!!!! I had to go with it though, because Scruffy's Daddy has had that mustache Scruffy's whole entire 12 1/2 year life!!! So - by now, you know I am absolutely crazy. I just hope y'all still love me!!! LOL Enjoy the card - makes me laugh every time I look at it ('cuz you know I took it right back - well after a week anyway on the mantel!!! LOL)

Graduation Card

This card layout was something we learned at the Philly Regionals this past fiscal SU! year. The card measures 4 X 4 and is created with special folds from a 4 X12 inch page. Here I have a graduation card for my girlfriend's daughter. The card set is Great Grads, and the colors I used were Lovely Lilac, Sahara Sand, Whisper White and Basic Black in inks and paper. I used the grosgrain ribbon and I needed some bling so I added some retired silver cord (WHY is that GONE!!!???). When you open it is ready for a gift card! ENJOY!