Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Here is some more stuff...

I have been busily working/stamping/playing in between "work" and figuring out the POS security I have, Norton 360 - my big computer is still not on the internet - although I can now get and send email (go figure!?!) - so I had to hook up my printer to my laptop downstairs in the craft studio - and of course THAT had to be slightly nightmarish too! I had to download the print driver info from the HP site before anything would work, but it does here goes what I gots...

Hopefully more to follow if I can find where I put the stuff!! And I am SOOOO behind on my SBS9 stuff- gals I apologize....I hope to get with it soon! But I am thinkin of y'all!!! ttyl!

Here's Bob's card and enive for V Day!

So I will share with you my honey's valentine's -slash - anniversary card...I would have preferred to make a cute one, but he never gets me cute, he always finds mushy ones with the best sayings...and since I could not decide on ONE of the sentiments, I used three and put them together the best I could ...I like how it turned out and he liked it - which is of course what counts!! LOL so here it is!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

ok - I'm back!

Didn't mean to scare you all...two things kept me off the computer...1) for several weeks I have had a TERRIBLE time with my upgrade to Norton 360 internet protection, and so I have yet to solve the issue on my main computer....duh....I forgot about my laptop and my network connection...but I was so peeved (to put it mildly) about this problem - I could spit countless hours have been wasted on live chats, and other remedies that obviously don't work since I can't get my computer upstairs onto the internet...ARGHHHH!!!! but number two was a nice reason....2) the continual celebration of my 15th wedding anniversary on Valentine's Day. Bob had several days off too - plus we had a delayed opening right before our school winter break for President's weekend - and once I got my garage door open from the ice...realized that the basement....MY STUDIO....was swimming (thankfully contained in one area)...due to the contractor not fixing the window well as they had I had to stay home and suck up water....but don;t cards or scrapbooks were lost! Thank goodness! It is a shame you can't get good service/help/products these days despite the large price tags - or you can't find anyone to take responsibility for a problem with their service or product. Sheisters!!

Well - I will be posting some pictures - as I will show you Bob's and Stephanie's Valentine's some other stuff too - cuz stampin is my therapy and when I wanted to throw the computer out the upstairs window - I went downstairs to stamp! So - sorry I scared a few of's so nice to know that someone noticed!! Thank ya sistas! ok - TTYL!!

Friday, February 8, 2008

So...after tomorrow the stress will die down for me at school (hah!)...we have an open house (the first annual one AND expo) and unfortunately, I have become a "go to gal" as I always get things done in a pinch...but I am a bit miffed this time...I got NONE, NOTHING, NYET, NADA done on my presentations...while I fixed and helped with the main office's and expo central projects....{sigh} oh well - there are worse things...although it is 8:58pm, and I forgot to go to Staples to get the certificate paper for our group's handout...{another sigh}.... ahhhhh - as you say in north jersey.....fuhgettaboutit!!......ok - done! So on to what I did do last night! I knew it was Alex's birthday YESTERDAY and I missed sending well wishes but I did make your card yesterday Alex!! So here it is!

Next - I am slowly backing up to the two January babies I first one is Natty - don't worry Louise you're next! so here is Natty's card with another from this weekend to follow!

Monday, February 4, 2008

Hey...a GIANT scallop!!!

So here is my take on a new use for the Stampin' Up!® scallop punch! Stephanie was getting ready for work on Sunday (poor thing - the hospital is ALWAYS open so she had to work on Super Bowl Sunday!)...and she wanted to display some type of team allegiance to the Giants (even though at heart she is an Eagles fan!) and so I said "hold on honey - I have an idea!!!!" She cut the ribbon, I whipped out my little alphabet and my scallop punch and WALLA!!!! Look how Stephanie represented for the Super Bowl!!

I had french braided her hair and since Steph wanted ribbons, I said that they actually looked like they could be for the Patriots too - and that's when the light bulb went off!! How Bout It???

Oh yeah - now I am 5'9" and I am standing right behind her shooting straight on...and yeah she's like 6'1.5" (she would prefer I not say 6'2"!)

Weekend work

Ok - so this is really what my daughter Stephanie did - while I cleaned the studio, got her materials, offered suggestions, put away the things I had from my Thursday evening class, and demonstrated to her....but it was fun none the less...So first - here are two altered notebooks - the new western paper (which I ADORE- already ordered more of it!) for herself and a small notebook for odds n ends....That ginger blossom DSP is great too!

Here is a grouping of the small notebook and a recipe box Steph did for her kitchen and a small candy holder - unfortunately I ran out of camera battery before I could take another photo so that's it of the candy...I did these at the class Thursday - it is 2 small pieces of card stock, with two scallops attached to the bottom, then eyelets set, ribbon through, two Hershey nuggets wrapped to match, sticky stuck to the card stock and WALLA! cute candy holder....My dearest upline Tracy taught me that one! Thanks Mama Bear!!

Inside the recipe box Stephanie made the the way - box was $1 from Michaels...

and here is a close up of the box outside...yes - chip board flower, embossed white with a jeweled brad...and some hodgepodge...

Above are two travel mugs - one I believe is one from StarBucks Stephanie redid and the other is a small mug I found at the dollar store...and I will be offering a stamp camp with these in the project listings...its hard to see the flowers she punched - dang battery - should have turned the mugs for another "mug shot" (sorry BAAADDD joke but I couldn't resist!)

close up of the lil notebook again...

and last but not least, a gift for Stephanie's friend's lil girl Aliviah - so KIERSTAN STOP LOOKING! It's a surprise!

So - you wonder how could Stephanie do all these projects at a moments notice? Because I am the queen of name it I most likely have 10 or so tucked away for a class "in the future"!! Trouble is, I end up just collecting - but one of my resolutions for 2008 is to get that stuff out and alter it!! WOOO HOOO!! You may be lucky enough to be in on any one of those projects!!!

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Hey look!

One of my SBS9 sisters, Suzanne, sent all of us an award! So here they are - how cool is that!

Friday, February 1, 2008

Just a plain 'ol note...

So....I had been doing so great of late on posting and then WHAM! That four letter word called "work" steps in to screw up everything! LOL On Tuesday I went in to school, normal teaching day, and my supervisor called me down to talk about my career program being created into an Academy program...which is very exciting...however, comma, I did not realize we were going to discuss applying for an opportunity that had presented itself very recently - and this opportunity had a deadline of February 1st - yes - like this very minute!! At any rate, I was granted professional development leave time to write up this proposal to participate in this great opportunity - and being the perfectionist that I am - I can't just fluff something up - besides, we would be number 101 in participants for 20 spots....NO PRESSURE HERE! Needless to say I did not sleep for the last several mind would NOT shut off! I hate when that happens! At any rate, I do what I love best when I am totally stressed - and that is STAMP! Told you - it's my therapy! So last night I had a lovley dose of stampin' with a great group of gals as I did a workshop/party for a group I had met last year or so ago...they are definitely fun!! I mean, how can life get better than to hang with other "professional supply collectors" and stampers...let me tell you - it was great and just what the doctor ordered! So today - albeit tired - I am able to focus on finishing up all the touches to this proposal so that we can have it postmarked by today. {Big sigh here} So - this is just a plain 'ol 'lil note to tell you that I will have more to post over the "baby" is going to be home when I get there (barring unforseen weather interuptions - I don't mind snow but hate ICE!)...and I am sure we will be stamping in the fabulous craft room.

By the way - thank you to all of you who left me lovely and funny e-mails and comments about the room. And Yes-sir-ee Bob, I know that I am a lucky woman (I love saying that since my DH is BOB!) - and no he does not have a free brother or clone - and no - no couch, but a chaise lounge that my hubby has no problem sleeping on so you can stay if you like, LOL, and yes you are all invited to come and play - consider it an open invitation - I NEVER turn down a chance to stamp with friends. And I am sorry about the bruise on your chin Katie! LOL - you guys are the best!

OK - gotta go give the final proof before heading to the Post Office! Whew! I need a nap - but would prefer to stamp! TTYL!!