Monday, December 3, 2007

Stephanie's birthday card

I almost forgot to show you Stephanie's birthday card!! Since she is also a demo, the game was on and I had to come up with something she hasn't seen me do yet!! Hope you like it! Its a tent card, and I used the Apple Cider Designer paper and River Rock. Its funny, but at first River Rock was my least favorite paper....and now, I can't stop using it!!!

Friday, November 30, 2007

Bob's Surprise Party

So - in order to get Bob to his surprise party, we told him we were going to a surprise party for our DIL Lisa....and since she stamps....the card HAD to be good and Bob knew I would be stressing out over the card, so here is what I made for Lisa on the day of Bob's party....and by the way - it was her birthday week so she needed a card anyway ;-).....

I have to say, I have fallen in love with this set from the mini let me show you two of the other creations I have made with this...the bottom one I pretty much CASE'd from SCS...

Sunday, November 4, 2007

What I have been working on...

So - here are two of Bob's birthday cards...The top card uses a retired set of trucks and a new Background stamp set called SANDED. I CASE'd the layout and color scheme from one of my secret sisters....I just changed it up some for my honey....Next is a card for Bob from Scruffy - a quick made card using the YAPPY DAY set...again I CASE'd - this time from from my Convention secret sister, Suzanne...since I ADORED the set of cards she made me using this set....cute huh? You see - you do not need to be a genius to CASE (copy and share everything!) cards or scrapbook can rely on other talented people to come up with the idea and then use long as you give those people credit. Many people worry that they cannot make great cards...but you can! And then from CASE-ing, you learn new techniques and start coming up with your own ideas...and it is so rewarding! TRY IT - YOU'LL LIKE IT!

Next - onto scrapbooking projects....Now - Stef is 22 as of 10-25, so as you can see, this first day of kindergarden was a LONGGGG time ago. However, I promised myself I would learn this art and start somewhere...and these were the first pictures I found after we moved last September. I just found the photo boxes and this was on top all separated out - so it was karma or fate that led me to the first day of her schooling. I used the Stampin' Up! Simply Scrappin' kit called Primary included all the paper, both textured color and designer series, as well as stickers. I used stamps and real handwriting - making it real. I also used this layout of the flap that I learned from our INKredible leader Tina Rosenkrans at one of her many classes that I attend...since I am a perpetual student, I always take classes, knowing that I will always learn something new, even in subjects I have already studied. Anyway - enjoy the pages....I sure do!!! I must say - stef was pleased too!

Friday, November 2, 2007

Here is the Vampirette celebrating her 22nd birthday!

Here is our own "little" vampirette - at 6'2" then add that wig - she was a sight to behold! We laughed at her getting in the car with that gig on...she finally had to take the wig off to fit IN the car! But Stephanie had her birthday cake! All of us October babies get to celebrate even though there are 7 of us!!!

Time Does Fly...

....So many little time! October has to be the busiest time of the year at our house...we have one family anniversary, 7 family birthdays, and my favorite...Halloween! Not to mention our annual family pumpkin picking party! The only ones who couldn't make it were the Robert Jr family of 5 and Stephanie...Here is a picture of this year's fun...Then off to the hayride to the pumpkin patch to look for the perfect offering to The Great Pumpkin!

Monday, October 1, 2007


My how time flies! I have to get my scanner and camera better organized - as I have some very cool pictures to post - but all my stuff is downstairs in the GramCrafters Cafe (stampin studio) and the current puter with the scanner is upstairs in my office. Now, mind you, I am getting better about going up and down the stairs for a lil exercise.....but gheesh!!! I am getting better at most things these days, slowly but surely....small steps, small changes...Thank GOD!

So let me share some highlight pics from Denver, CO when Stephanie and I talked to Shelli - the great one.....she is just so DANG nice! unBElieveABLE!!

Anyway - trying to prep for a nice big workshop for and with my daughter Stephanie. Its going to be at her Dad's house in Long Valley NJ - where we all used to live...before Steph graduated from West Morris Central HS...once she was out - we were on our way to PA - hey that rhymes! Woo Hoo....ok ok so you can tell I am tired out and on starbucks? So better finish a lot more stuff to do! And I will post pics - cuz I can!!!

later dudettes!

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

INKredible girls in Denver with Queen Shelli

This is a bunch of us at Stampin! Up Convention 2007 with CEO and co-founder Shelli Gardner...and yes...its all of us in our pajamas!!! You think this picture is a hoot - you should have seen several THOUSAND women walking to the convention center in their pjs!! Denver is probably still talking about us!!! LOL It was so much fun and so informative...and I know my sisters now from Arizona (and Chicago too!) - and they are all "da bomb!" How exciting! I have ideas for two full years of stuff....there is definitely not enough time in a day! Can't wait to share it all with you!

Saturday, June 30, 2007

OK - so I have a good excuse this time!

I know - you're thinking how much I love/hate the end of the school year....well that is true, however, I have not been on-line recently due to ....oh yeah! the end of the school year AND....are you ready?!?!? Emergency surgery! How's that for taking the cake!?!?! Yup - school was out for the kids Wednesday June 20th - teachers done at noon on Thursday the 21st! Of course, I still had a ton of crap to do in the classroom so I did not leave until 8:30 pm - I did NOT want to go back on Friday - good thing too - cuz Friday I started feeling funky, and slept a lot - had that dang back ache....and then the BAD decision....I ate the Stouffer's mac and cheese - way YUMMY- but bad for my tummy! I realized I was having that gall bladder pain - and decided to go to bed and sleep it off - yeah right! So went to bed at 11 pm woke up at 1 am -ish...called my daughter to see if she was working the ER (she is a tech - soon to be nurse) - she wasn't but was awake and came to get me and took me to the ER she works at in NJ - and at 3 am I was admitted - had a battery of tests - and bland icky food - lovely treatment though by the nurses...and after the test Monday that made me radioactive for 3 days (no really - I got a card for homeland security should I be stopped - HOLY SMOKES!) - I had surgery on Tuesday and home Wednesday evening. Totally blew all the plans I had - I was supposed to leave for Kansas City for the SkillsUSA National competition (like vocational Olympics) - and I missed it! Now if I can just stop coughing - MAN DOES THAT HURT! - I would be pretty good - oh and laughing hurts too - but not like coughing....ok - nuff whining....gotta get back in the swing of things! So - hope to be on again this weekend with some card updates! Ta ta for now!

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Great End of the Year School Gift...

My girlfriend Candy just stopped by and had me photo and email these pics to her for school end of the year gifts....I thought "Great Idea!!" So I am going to have to create some for the secretaries at my school too. They were so simple to make. Again, I was inspired to recreate a model of this posted on Splitcoast Stampers, under the gallery of "nielsonfamily6". So here it is! I need to complete my new ones for the school secretaries in one of the new Stampin Up papers....ooh can't wait to create!

Thursday, June 7, 2007

... a belated mother's day...

...for my mother...She wasn't home on Mother's Day and so I did not get to talk to her or see her on Mother's Day, and since she can't stay home by herself, she hasn't been around as Pop is working.... however I did finally get to see her on Memorial Day when she and my step-father came to the house for our annual picnic. It is so hard to see her these days, as her focus is minimizing every day. And I was SURE she was going to love the card I made for her...remember, mom and I used to make crafts together for as long as I can remember and she was a florist, which is where I picked up skills and techniques in floral I picked the SAB set Big Blossoms and cased a card from an SCS stamper named "debbiedesigns" because I thought it was soooo beautiful...She SEEMED to like it - until she opened it - and she started to cry....not due to the sentiment, but because she can no longer comprehend the words and it totally confused her....but I gave her a hug and she was ok....of course I wasn't...but she did like the picture. Took me awhile to even write that and post a picture of the card, but I think I most likely better write about those moments or I may just meltdown one day....AHHHHH....... hell on earth.....definitely has to be Alzheimers...At least with Bob's 3 bouts of cancer we BOTH could feel as if we could fight it together and talk to each other and offer each other support....Alzheimers is just an evil thief that leaves you and your loved ones empty....

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Guess how many parties I went to Sunday?!

OK - so the cards give me away! Olivia our granddaughter turned 3 on Sunday and my husband's second cousin's lil girl turned 2 - so we made both parties....and I almost forgot to get pictures!!! I am going to have to remake cards - as I took these two "on the run" in the car - I actually cropped out traffic! LOL But I wanted to share them with you - I LOVE cool Caribbean and will miss it - so I am using it like crazy! The whale card, I got the idea from a sideline and tried it with the diorama and I love it! Also - the raccoon card was inspired by a gifted artist on SCS - whose handle escapes me at the moment....but used my colors and "signs" hope you enjoy them!

Thursday, May 31, 2007

Faux Tearing...

Alright....what do I do in a pinch when I need a great card? I'll tell you! Two days ago before I left for work, I wanted to do a summer card for my SCS secret sister, Lynda, and I decided on the Faux Tearing the summer card was taught to me by my upline Tracy (mama bear) and the winter one was from a friend whom I inspired at a workshop...So here are the two - Summer and Winter...(winter had some Pixie Dust....I mean Dazzling Diamonds on it - in honor of my first Lil secret sister, Karrie, an INCREDIBLY talented stamper! Not to say that my other secret sisters aren't but Karrie is totally over the top - Dirty Dozen good)

Oh - how I will miss these two retiring WONDERFUL sets....won't be leaving my collection any time soon!

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Cannot wait one second more!

I absolutely HAD to share these with you....three lil pics of my craft room/stampin' studio....This lovely place houses all of my stamps on the walls face out so you can SEE them and it houses my doll collection...with the 'spensive ones being UP UP and AWAY from lil fingers...kwim? And houses my Tinker Bell collection.

So the pic with the LIVELY colored tablecloth is where you are when you come down the stairs and turn right...this is the pathway to HEAVEN....
You can only get a glimpse - but this leads up to the worker area....with my area off to the right of this place...

You can see me in front of my work area - the L comprised of my desk and worktable...and Bob's chaise is to the left of where I am....and I am in front of the TV that Bob recessed into the wall - Sue is checking out the room by Bob's chaise...where he sits (sleeps) while I am busy stamping to my hearts content. It is wonderful to have him close by - and now I don't feel guilty being in a different place when we are both home....but sorry - its a mess at this moment...

These pics are compliments of my friend Kathy who memorialized a few secs during my open house - showing my room and celebrating my one year anniversary with SU! Whoooo Hoooo!!! Cannot believe that one! (Hey notice how the crazy demo in this pic is wearing an outfit that MATCHES the room? OY VEY!) Anyway - I have to get more shots so you can see the whole dang thing...with the peeps work tables and all....and plus - I want it to be clean and PRETTY....but when Chatty sent me these pics I had to post....Thanks for sharing in my excitement! Please come play!

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Just a note...

While I have been home with a stomach bug (yuck!) I have been commiserating with my puppy Scruffy (actually an 11 year old puppy!) since he has been sick since December....although he is getting better...He now eats a lil baby food with his dog meal and at times boiled rice...It is so hard when they are ill - its worse than babies! You have no idea whatsoever which part hurts and even then you don't know where what parts are on a dog...I hope they do finally do something about the company who imported the tainted food - for many of us, these pets become a major part of the family...I know my Scruffy is my little boy, and a mama's boy at that! Just ask Bob!! LOL I hope he keeps staying well...Unfortunately, I have to chase him around the yard again for another urine friend Candy says I should have Bob video it and send it in to America's Funniest Videos! Yeah - GREAT! Well, here is my boy - what a face, huh? And then the pic after that is him guarding my first order...he is very involved in anything I do...LOL...ok, now you know I am ready for the funny farm!

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Its so close I can TASTE it!!!!

Well, Bob and I finished the floor last took MUCH longer than we thought to tile and my head I was thinking 2 - 3 days, right? HAH! Took 2 weeks!!! You have no idea how bad your body aches from being on your hands and knees for long periods of time...and then try to get up...OUCH! However, NO PAIN, NO GAIN! It is looking so good! Of course, we are in a torrential downpour right now and yes, the one window well is full and leaking down the wall onto my lovely new floor...thanks to our lovely builders..... they have ignored 5 calls from us regarding this issue...guess they did not know it's not wise to tick off a Sicilian and a mad Irish woman! Especially when we have some great attorneys! Ok, so 'nuff bout that.... the room started as....

After tomorrow - I hope to have the close to done shots.....Bwaaahaaaaahaaaaaa!!!

Monday, April 9, 2007

Pics from a Weekend I went to

I went to an evening of a weekend stamp and scrap getaway - just so I could check it out....its was SOOOOO fun! So I took a few pics to represent and here they are!
The first pic is part of the Chocolate Swap - so delictably fun! The second is some of the gals set up in the ball room - each person gets plenty of room to scrap & stamp - its 1/2 of a 6 foot table! This was about 1 am on Saturday in the wee hours of the mornin' that I took these last two....the beauty is that you get to leave your stuff out - no putting it away because of no room or lil' hands trying out mom's stuff! Ah, blessed free time with no demands!!!!
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Ok - so I got the dreaded call this morning from the manager that no he actually does NOT have the rooms for me in June - so Tracy and I scrambled and put together what actually might be better as a Scrap Weekend! So same fabulous premise....just different dates.....

So you ready? July 13, 14 & 15! So guess what that means? It means that Tracy & I can have a rip snortin' Catalog Kickoff - as we all drool over the new 07-08 catalog! Because of course, a new catalog will be part of the goodies we will have for you when you register! How cool is that? We can demo some of the new stamp sets, too! OOOOHHHHH- can't wait!

Friday, April 6, 2007


Ok peoples! I have finally done it! My first Scrap and Stamp Weekend Getaway (still working on the catchy name - you KNOW how I am!) I, along with the assistance of my upline Tracy Altemose, am hosting a weekend getaway on June 8, 9, & 10th. Its a Friday through Sunday weekend to scrap and/or stamp away! It is going to be held in the Hampton Inn in Easton PA (actually Palmer Twp) off of Route 248, and will include meals, goodie bags of product to use, pampering as in massages available, use of the hotel facilities including the pool, demonstrations, classes available, games, prizes much S'Maur!!!! LOL More details will follow, and I will include a registration form attachment here (I hope - have'ta learn that one!)...but save the plans on being a fun weekend with friends and women of like minds.....Scary, huh?!?!?!?! I CANNOT wait! Come join the fun! Send me an email from the link below this post so I know you are interested and can make sure I send you the details!

Friday, March 30, 2007

Oops I forgot....

I also wanted to run this by you....what do you think of the name "GramCrafter Cafe" with a slogan of "Fun and so much S'Maur!!!" I really want to put "I want S'Maur Stampin' Up!©" but I think its against policy....wonder how I check this out.....cuz I think its pretty darn cute....the graphic arts teacher at my school said her seniors could develop something for me...other than the lame thing I came up with....check this out....and then the print shop MAY make me some t-shirts....wooo hooo! And ok - so I don't really think this is lame, I like I sick or what!!! LOL


It is now March 30th!! How did THAT happen?!?!?! Where have I been??? Obviously, not on my blog I am sorry to say....I have such good intentions....I have gotten together a file of stuff I would like to upload, both here and on SCS, and for some reason, no go....of course, I am now officially on Spring Break, and hope to be able to do this....but of course, it is the end of Marking period 3 and I have the same issues....for some reason, I have a PILE of papers to grade cuz I am so nice... LOL...yeah right!

Ok - so enough blathering....I plan on getting on this bugger, I mean blogger, at least 5 times this between dissertation, grading papers, working on the "studio", and completing Leadership requirements with my really up there up-line....

So - what will I post first? How about one of my other crafts? I know....I love doing one stroke painting, so let me show you my mailbox that I am extremely proud of....the teacher where I took 2 lessons could not believe that I had only had 2 hours of instruction...but she is good at teaching technique....(thank you MaryAnn!) hopefully, you can see my pics of my beautiful mailbox....and yes...ahem....I have to paint TWO this week...add that to my list will you? Here goes....

Wednesday, January 31, 2007

2007 resolution....POST

OK - so I really want to do this blog....the picture uploading and downloading and resizing and whatnot are not my forte I am finding out... and as everyone else on the planet, I am up to my eyeballs in a matter of fact, I have to finish grading a PILE of papers so I can finally finish up my grades for the second marking period....(please tell me why I allow them to hand in stuff right up to the last day???!!!???)....but really, this last move has really taken a toll on our family - I didn't realize how in December, Bob, my dearest husband of soon to be 14 years, finally had to go to the hospital for tests for the chest pains he started having in September (I didn't know what was going to kill him first - his heart or ME!)... he had had several other tests done over a period of weeks but they were not showing anything...thank goodness this final angioplasty/catheterizing thing finally gave us most of the story...but of course, nothing is easy here and he had to stay an extra day in the hospital because he only has one kidney from one of his previous right before Christmas I was FREAKING out. So anyway, he goes on medication, stops eating ice cream everyday - eats like bran cereal for breakfast - and in 2 weeks dropped a ton of weight....which I think I picked up, thank you very much! And he is still losing weight - I can't lose weight on a diet for goodness sakes! OK - so like I am very happy he is here with me and I can bust him about those things....Now I am worrying because he is finishing my craft/stamp room in the basement. I am so excited and worried at the same time it makes me "ilky". Ahhhhhh, who said life was easy.....

Back to stampin! talk...I had fun over the past few months trying to build my business as best I could amongst everything going on, and I found a new friend in a "secret sister"...I had so much fun sending stuff to her....Now that I sent information on who I am, I can post some pictures in my gallery and here on my blog....hopefully, I will be able to spend our next break getting the pictures up and going....I am very excited about please bear with me over the next several posts to see if I can "git r done!" Thanks for reading!