Sunday, April 15, 2007

Its so close I can TASTE it!!!!

Well, Bob and I finished the floor last took MUCH longer than we thought to tile and my head I was thinking 2 - 3 days, right? HAH! Took 2 weeks!!! You have no idea how bad your body aches from being on your hands and knees for long periods of time...and then try to get up...OUCH! However, NO PAIN, NO GAIN! It is looking so good! Of course, we are in a torrential downpour right now and yes, the one window well is full and leaking down the wall onto my lovely new floor...thanks to our lovely builders..... they have ignored 5 calls from us regarding this issue...guess they did not know it's not wise to tick off a Sicilian and a mad Irish woman! Especially when we have some great attorneys! Ok, so 'nuff bout that.... the room started as....

After tomorrow - I hope to have the close to done shots.....Bwaaahaaaaahaaaaaa!!!

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