Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Just a note...

While I have been home with a stomach bug (yuck!) I have been commiserating with my puppy Scruffy (actually an 11 year old puppy!) since he has been sick since December....although he is getting better...He now eats a lil baby food with his dog meal and at times boiled rice...It is so hard when they are ill - its worse than babies! You have no idea whatsoever which part hurts and even then you don't know where what parts are on a dog...I hope they do finally do something about the company who imported the tainted food - for many of us, these pets become a major part of the family...I know my Scruffy is my little boy, and a mama's boy at that! Just ask Bob!! LOL I hope he keeps staying well...Unfortunately, I have to chase him around the yard again for another urine friend Candy says I should have Bob video it and send it in to America's Funniest Videos! Yeah - GREAT! Well, here is my boy - what a face, huh? And then the pic after that is him guarding my first order...he is very involved in anything I do...LOL...ok, now you know I am ready for the funny farm!

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