Friday, March 30, 2007

Oops I forgot....

I also wanted to run this by you....what do you think of the name "GramCrafter Cafe" with a slogan of "Fun and so much S'Maur!!!" I really want to put "I want S'Maur Stampin' Up!©" but I think its against policy....wonder how I check this out.....cuz I think its pretty darn cute....the graphic arts teacher at my school said her seniors could develop something for me...other than the lame thing I came up with....check this out....and then the print shop MAY make me some t-shirts....wooo hooo! And ok - so I don't really think this is lame, I like I sick or what!!! LOL

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Anonymous said...

love the name of your place!! Clever..can't wait to see S'maur!!!!