Saturday, June 30, 2007

OK - so I have a good excuse this time!

I know - you're thinking how much I love/hate the end of the school year....well that is true, however, I have not been on-line recently due to ....oh yeah! the end of the school year AND....are you ready?!?!? Emergency surgery! How's that for taking the cake!?!?! Yup - school was out for the kids Wednesday June 20th - teachers done at noon on Thursday the 21st! Of course, I still had a ton of crap to do in the classroom so I did not leave until 8:30 pm - I did NOT want to go back on Friday - good thing too - cuz Friday I started feeling funky, and slept a lot - had that dang back ache....and then the BAD decision....I ate the Stouffer's mac and cheese - way YUMMY- but bad for my tummy! I realized I was having that gall bladder pain - and decided to go to bed and sleep it off - yeah right! So went to bed at 11 pm woke up at 1 am -ish...called my daughter to see if she was working the ER (she is a tech - soon to be nurse) - she wasn't but was awake and came to get me and took me to the ER she works at in NJ - and at 3 am I was admitted - had a battery of tests - and bland icky food - lovely treatment though by the nurses...and after the test Monday that made me radioactive for 3 days (no really - I got a card for homeland security should I be stopped - HOLY SMOKES!) - I had surgery on Tuesday and home Wednesday evening. Totally blew all the plans I had - I was supposed to leave for Kansas City for the SkillsUSA National competition (like vocational Olympics) - and I missed it! Now if I can just stop coughing - MAN DOES THAT HURT! - I would be pretty good - oh and laughing hurts too - but not like coughing....ok - nuff whining....gotta get back in the swing of things! So - hope to be on again this weekend with some card updates! Ta ta for now!


Anonymous said...

I can't believe that we were just talking about your gall bladder at the end of the year breakfast & hoped your problems with it were over. Hopefully, now they are !! Take care..Talk again soon. Love Glad

Claire said...

Wow, Maureen, that's quite an end to the school year...yikes! are you back in the swings of things? hope so!

Dana said...

I am so sorry to hear you we so sick. I hope all is well now. Hopefully I will get to see you soon. Are you going to the scrapweekend? Hope to see you there. I will try not to make you laugh too much.