Wednesday, January 31, 2007

2007 resolution....POST

OK - so I really want to do this blog....the picture uploading and downloading and resizing and whatnot are not my forte I am finding out... and as everyone else on the planet, I am up to my eyeballs in a matter of fact, I have to finish grading a PILE of papers so I can finally finish up my grades for the second marking period....(please tell me why I allow them to hand in stuff right up to the last day???!!!???)....but really, this last move has really taken a toll on our family - I didn't realize how in December, Bob, my dearest husband of soon to be 14 years, finally had to go to the hospital for tests for the chest pains he started having in September (I didn't know what was going to kill him first - his heart or ME!)... he had had several other tests done over a period of weeks but they were not showing anything...thank goodness this final angioplasty/catheterizing thing finally gave us most of the story...but of course, nothing is easy here and he had to stay an extra day in the hospital because he only has one kidney from one of his previous right before Christmas I was FREAKING out. So anyway, he goes on medication, stops eating ice cream everyday - eats like bran cereal for breakfast - and in 2 weeks dropped a ton of weight....which I think I picked up, thank you very much! And he is still losing weight - I can't lose weight on a diet for goodness sakes! OK - so like I am very happy he is here with me and I can bust him about those things....Now I am worrying because he is finishing my craft/stamp room in the basement. I am so excited and worried at the same time it makes me "ilky". Ahhhhhh, who said life was easy.....

Back to stampin! talk...I had fun over the past few months trying to build my business as best I could amongst everything going on, and I found a new friend in a "secret sister"...I had so much fun sending stuff to her....Now that I sent information on who I am, I can post some pictures in my gallery and here on my blog....hopefully, I will be able to spend our next break getting the pictures up and going....I am very excited about please bear with me over the next several posts to see if I can "git r done!" Thanks for reading!

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