Monday, November 20, 2006


Well, I am glad to say I have been stampin' my butt off....(if only that could be literal!)....anyway...I had tried to post about my INKredible weekend of the 11th & 12th, but unfortunately I could here is what I have been doing...On the 11th, I attended a Stampin' and Scrappin' University that was hosted by my "really up there" upline...and we made a book with 24 techniques...from simple to crazy fun! WOW!! I LOVE that stuff....I cannot wait to share! Some of the things I already have... I have been stamping for at least 4 years and was totally hooked at the first moment, like many of you were...and I love learning and doing simple things I already know because it brings you back down to earth....sometimes I get carried away with doing something so complicated and beautiful that I am exhausted , and sometimes simple is good too.

Anywho...after a 9 to 5 day, completely happy, I traversed to my downline's house for her first pre-sale party, and it was awesome...she is soooooo artistic...we made 5 cards that I loved....I need to upload some of those photos both here and on my Splitcoast Stampers gallery....then at 11-ish or so, I headed home to PA.

The very next day on the 12th, was my annual get together with my stampin' buddies/sisters, and we worked on our Christmas we had show and tell as I showed my book of 24 techniques and the 5 cards I did at Yulia's house the night before. We have been a group for those 4 years, and usually we stamp into the wee hours of the night, but we all had to work (sorry for the 4 letter word!) on Monday....ick!....but we drink, eat, stamp all day is wonderful....

Then, THIS weekend, after a crazy Saturday of trying to put my bookmarks back into the computer after my DIL (daughter in law) erased them ALL on Friday evening (HOW could she do that? She only needed to look at ONE site....)...Anyway, I needed my therapy so I stamped...and got ready for an awesome class on Sunday night...I LOVE sharing SU! with people, and I get such a kick when they are delighted with what they can make...I demoed a cute vest card where I used SU! 2 sided decorative paper, and punches...and then we made a simple card with one background and then a 3X3 explosion card....I had everyone make two of the sheets for the inside so they could glue in the one we decorated and then they could use the other as a template to recreate the card...since they all ordered the stuff needed to recreate at home...wooo hooo!!! So a great party with some new friends - and met some other really cool peeps who like stampin'! GOTTA LOVE IT!!!

So....that's why I say, "WHEW!"

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Kristine said...

Talk about B*U*S*Y!!! I'm sooo envious of all the stamping time and stampin' buddies you've got!! When I signed up to be an SU demo, that was the last I ever heard from my upline for 3 yrs!! I did find an upline of an upline in our area and we got together once, but then she dropped out as well. :( I had no one to stamp with. Now I'm not longer a demo. It's a sad, sad story of my life. BUT, I love to stamp away in my own little corner of my house and I get my thrill from people's comments online. :) That really makes my day!! Thanks for your comments. Can't wait to see what you post...your samples and cards from last weekend.