Monday, March 3, 2008

big sigh here...

I joined in Oprah's online class and of course had major computer problems and then got blocked out of the streaming video when I tried to refresh...I will have to watch it tomorrow....which is in 1/2 and hour!! Anyone else reading the book or doing the class out there?

Also - if I hadn't putzed around with the computer for the 90 minutes the webcast was on - I could have looked up all the info about those cards I posted...I promise that I will be adding the recipes...If I could only remember to write it down as I created it would make my life SOOO much easier....but, what on earth would I do with an easier life?!?!?! LOL

ok - off to bed....totally kaputz!!

ttyl my friends!!!

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MichelleO said...

Ha I am so glad I am not the only one that NEVER writes down the recipe to the card and then has to spend more time looking everything up! I'll try harder if you will?

Love your cards, I think my favorite is the one you listed as your favorite too.