Saturday, November 22, 2008

Alright, I know this isn't a card, but how cute, eh?

Since Stephanie was born on October 25th - she was always lookin' good on Halloween...and this year at age 2 (just) - she took the cake!! She was Lil' Red....and big ol' shepherd Spike (shepherd and lab mix - a FABULOUS loving and protective dog- just hairy, hairy, hairy...) was of course The Big Bad Wolf dressed as Grandma...Everyone loved it!!! Stephanie also went as this at age one - but I can't put my hands on those pictures yet...and if you can believe it - are even cuter than these!!! So - since I just found these and have been posting personal and past pics on my "About you" page...I thought I HAVE to put this front and center!! LOL I hope you enjoy it too!! I love looking at 'em!!!

Spike was so good to keep that get--up on until I took it off him...


Manna said...

Cute pix!

ribenaruby said...

Maureen, these pics are just adorable and your hairy pet looks so well behaved. Love it! Take care now.