Monday, December 8, 2008

I'm back...

I cannot believe how sick I have been...I had to leave school early on Wednesday, the 26th (and we had a 1/2 day to boot, dang it!)...and I was sick all through Thanksgiving, and the subsequent shopping days...and I had to take off sick days from school through Wednesday December 3rd...and I was STILL sick when I went back Thursday...ey yi yi!!! So then you have to fight back that lethargy that comes from being wiped out with illness...I would get home and go right back to bed...and I slept a lot this past weekend...and I have SO many things to do...I really didn't need to be sick right now...not that any time is good, but this was really really bad timing...AND I totally missed Thanksgiving dinner with my family (and by the time I could eat - I missed ALL the dinner - really bites, 'scuse my french)....not something to make me feel any better about the holidays, I must, anyway - I am finally back....and trying to get a bazillion things done all at once...but believe me....I am so GLAD to be back!

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Manna said...

And glad to have you back 'Reen!