Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Well - sorry I haven't been around...things around here were crazy enough and then just got crazier. Needless to say, I am ecstatically awaiting the coming of 2010. Anyway, just a quick update on my disappearance and then we focus on card making! The end of August was hectic as I finished my doctoral studies - FINALLY!! And I defended September 1st in Florida - all by myself - and then came home, decided to rest a bit before I started on the paperwork follow-up that has to occur. Then all hell broke loose. September 11 my dad needed emergency surgery for internal bleeding, and I can thankfully say he is doing pretty good compared to what he was, although he is pretty frail. Because that was HIS second surgery since July. Then, my daughter-in-law's 18 year old son was in Myrtle Beach and was involved in a violent attack on he and his friends - where his one friend was killed and which ended up causing him to have emergency surgery for stab wounds and a deflated lung. So trying to help with the 8 year old twins who just started a new school and to get my daughter-in-law down to SC from PA was hellish. Being out of work actually helped me to be be of service to my family. Thankfully, our grandson is doing well physically, however I believe the non-physical scars will be with him for a long time. Then, my DH needed surgery again (after the fourth trip to the emergency room). The recovery for his original surgery was much longer than we ever anticipated - since the first surgery was in July and has been fraught with difficulties. Man, I abhor cancer. Then my big surprise. In amongst interviewing for jobs (been continually sending out resumes), I found I needed surgery. So - took care of that. Thankfully, mine was a piece of cake compared to the trials my dad and my husband have been going through. But - to maintain my sanity, I have stamped and created, and met with friends who buoy the spirit and lift the soul. Faith and Laughter are great healers that I fully believe in. So - believe it or not, still a smile on my face, gratitude for any and all good things in my heart, and laughter on my lips. So I hope to get fully back in the swing of things starting 2010. But who knows, look for a posting in the next several weeks - ya never know. So just in case I don't get back here in time - Merry Christmas to you all and Happy New Year!!!


Louise Forsyth said...

Oh Reen, I am so sorry to read of all dramas you and your family have been having. I am so happy that you can still smile and laugh and be thankful! All the very best to you and your family for Christmas and may 2010 totally rock for you!!!

Wendy said...

Happy New Year, Reen! Looking forward to a positive 2010, too!