Wednesday, March 23, 2011

My Exile Is Over!

So sorry about the HUGE stop-out in posting...Life has just had too many things and something had to go...and since I still stamped, the blogging was it. Besides, do you ever realize that you are on the internet and all of a sudden hours have passed? It's like magic!! Yikes! I knew that I could not get lost on the computer with so much of the work I brought home. And I am thankful for that work!!! However, I have thought often of all of you blogger buddies and so I hope all is well with everyone. So- a short update here- more on the "about us" page in a few...but I am working as a college administrator in New Jersey...a short 1.5 hour jaunt from my Bethlehem PA home, however I really really love what I do, and it is at an institution I worked at before as a mid-level manager. I love the people, and all those who remember me have welcomed me back with open arms. Its actually pretty awesome. I have actually been taking pretty good care of myself, and so I am on a new exercise kick - and that is ZUMBA. If you have never done it - I would highly recommend it. Fun, great music and its dancing - whether you can dance or not its fun! My family is all doing well, and my Bob is well (thank you God) and planning on retiring this May, and so he is very very happy. Scruffy is well - gonna be 15 in May (OMG!) - my little furry boy! And crafting is the release and relief that it always is.

So here is a sample of a complete Reen creation - it was Bob's birthday card:

I water colored the images on Stampin' Up! watercolor paper, and the clouds were made with a large scallop circle with sponging. I was very pleased with much so, I let Bob hold the card for a few minutes before I took it back!! LOL (don't tell me you don't take back your handmade cards that "live" in your home!!!??!!) Enjoy!


LuLu said...

Great card - so serene and peaceful. Glad to hear everything is looking up for you and wish I had your energy to exercise . . I think my body is a little illergic to it (hee, hee, hee!)


Chatty said...

Reenster: So glad to see you posting again. My homepage looks great with new stuff from you. Card is beautiful and I will get back to stampin soon.