Tuesday, January 8, 2008

I've been added!! YIPPEE!!

I just checked back on the Sisterhood of the Blogging Stampers 9 and saw that I am an official member!! Woo hoo! Although after going over my fellow SBS9'ers blogs - I feel a wee bit guys are FABULOUS!

So a lil about me...totally crazy busy like many of you...I teach high school about 45 miles from where I live at a vocational high school. I am currently finishing my doctoral dissertation & this is my last semester unless they give me an extension through the summer! GULP! So unfortunately, I had to put my SU! business off to the side burner (NOT back burner LOL) to focus on my studies. But I CANNOT totally put away my SU! business - and why you ask? Its because I say it all the time....stamping is my therapy....and when my girlfriends come over and stamp I usually laugh until my stomach hurts! So - how can you live life without that?

I asked to join this group as I have had this blog for a bit, but I never really tell anyone about it and that has to change. And the thought that I will have a more global group of friends is great! I so look forward to learning more about you all. I can already tell that I am going to have to be on my toes...and I also know that I will be able to increase my stamping ability AND my blogging ability with the support of you all. I am also using y'all as a means to make SURE I post at least every week...which is also a 2008 resolution....And my daughter Stephanie, 22, may also post we do like working together...She is a scrapbooker, and I am just starting that, whereas I am the card maker and she is just starting that!

OK - well I can also tell I have different things in common with all of you, which is (according to my students) "bangin" - which is very good... [SIGH] I have to get off this site and get back to my books.....ttyl!


Debbie Yates said...

Welcome to the Sisterhood - yes it is official! Your blog is so heart-warming - I love your creations! Here's to getting to know you better - God bless!

Wendy said...

Hi Maureen! I wanted to say hello to a sister of SBS9. I enjoyed looking at all of your lovely cards, and have to tell you that you've got the cutest puppy EVER!!

Have a great day!

gina said...

Hi sister, you have a great blog and I look forward to coming back to see more of your lovely creations.
Gina x

LuLu said...

Hello from me too, another SBS9 member ! ! Love the blog and you definitely under estimate how great masterpieces sre. Looking forward to getting to know you.

suzann said...

Just popped in to say Hello to my new sister and fellow grandmother! Do you realize our husbands have the same name! We do have lots in common.

Love your cards, you are so talented.

Louise said...

Yay, welcome to SBS9!!! We
Speaking of rocking your cards are fab and I am looking forward to seeing loads more.

Clair & Sharni said...

Hi, welcome to the sisterhood! your blog is great...looking forward to getting to know you better.
Clair. xxx
P.s. Its great to have a daughter to stamp with too isnt it!!!

Debbie said...

Hi Maureen
Welcome to SBS9 no need to feel nervous your blog is great ... loved reading it and seeing your creations ... you've got some lovely cards ... although you sound one busy lady so not sure how you find the time doing everything .. it will be great getting to know you and seeing more of your creations

Suzanne said...

Hi Maureen welcome to SBS9 we are almost full now!!! love your blog look forward to stopping by to say hello and see what you are up too Sue :o)

Amber Porter said...

Hello to a fellow sister!! I look forward to visiting your blog often and getting to know you.Have a great day.

Katie said...

Hey fellow sister! Fabulous blog, look forward to visiting often


Manna said...

Just popping in to say Hi! Lovely creations you have here :)

Kim Marie said...

Your cards are SO pretty and I love how the motifs coordinate :)

I can tell that you and your sister are both look so happy to be in the pic together!

And blessings and congrats on that doctoral work. WOW! Great to get to know you!
Kim Marie