Wednesday, September 2, 2009


OK - so things are finally looking up!!! I have finally completed my doctorate...and I did not throw up on my committee's shoes while defending my dissertation - nor I might add did I cry like a baby as I thought might happen as well...SO - NOW when I tell y'all to go stamp - IT'S DOCTOR'S ORDERS!!!!! LOL (and you don't even need 2 aspirin either!!! total holistic therapy!!!! LOL)

So thank you all for your well wishes and prayers during the craziest year of my life (so far)...and look forward to some fab-u stamping times!!! LUV YA!!!

Maureen Stivala, EdD
aka Dr. Reen


LuLu said...

Reen I don't know how you did it !?! Well done to you and now its time to take a wee little break.

Take care,


Manna said...

This is truly a great cause for celebration! Big CONGRATS to you, Dr. Reen! :)

Katie said...

Is there a doctor in the house?? Oh that would be you then Dr Reen!! Congratulations and at the top of my voice WOO HOO!!!
Well done Maureen you deserve this.

Massive hugs and loads of love

Kim Marie said...


You make me a proud SBS9 sister :)

You deserve a stamping vacation where all you do is sit by the pool, stamp and have a cold drink beside you to keep you from getting parched ;) Oh, and a nice Cabana boy to refill the glass!
Congratulations, girl! Way to go!
Kim Marie