Friday, August 28, 2009

Thank you Tina!

The fearless leader of our overall group of demonstrators is Tina Rosenkrans. She is a doll. Really...When she heard of my troubles, she said, "girl - you need to stamp...just get over here and do my class!!" AHHHH....just what the doctor ordered....and yes I felt so much better! Tina even told me she redid one of the cards especially for me - the saying on this card says"Every day holds the possibility of a miracle"...and sometimes, I think the miracle are all the wonderful people I have met through Stampin' Up! I have made some wonderful new friends - and friends all around the country. Then - I started blogging for my business and wallah!! New friends appeared from all over the world...all due to stamping...who knew?!?!? LOL So - enjoy this card with the new set from the catalog called Peace Within. I LOVE It...and THANK YOU TINA! LUV YA!

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lyzzydee said...

How are you doing?? thinking of you