Monday, August 17, 2009

Black Belt Beauty

So whaddya do when your grandson earns his black belt? You look to your asian inspired stamps that's what! So I dug out my Stampin' Up! Eastern Influences and then I used a contraband asian symbol...I forget what it means but I thought it added a great background. I used the branch and the birds, along with the colors sage and chocolate chip - and of course black grosgrain to represent THE black belt. We were so proud because he was one of the youngest to earn the belt...and its not all about the maneuvers, there was a long written test and essays to prepare...very complicated and involved...and he passed!! YIPPEE! So enjoy the card! Peace, out!
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Kim Marie said...

A perfect card for a black belt, I'd say! Congrats to you, too...without your support he would have been stuck at brown, I'm sure :)
Kim Marie