Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Get ready, Get set...

So finally! We got the C.O. on our new place which lets us into the building and grants use of the elevator (doesn't that sound elegant?!?!?!) However, we are still awaiting the CO on moving in....but we can PAINT!! My craft room gets painted first this weekend...priorities, you know!!! LOL Anyway, I am sooo happy to be able to get back in the swing of things...its going to be like Christmas, since I haven't seen my things since July 2011! WOW....that is so long ago...We were supposed to be in our new home by October and then it got delayed continuously month by month. So just get ready ladies, when I have my craft room set up, we will be back in business!! YIPPEE! You have no idea how I missed my stamping and my stampin buddies. Did you miss my creations????

This is a photo of building 1 in the Presidential Place. CAN NOT WAIT TO MOVE!! Even though we have moved 3 times already since 7-14-11 just waiting for our place to be done. This fourth move will so be worth the wait though, wait until you see my other pictures. Thanks for stopping by!!

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