Thursday, March 8, 2012

Soon, my friends, soon...

After more delays than I could count, we are finally in our new place! Yippee!! However, I am still unpacking ... the hardest part is to unpack my 550 square foot craft room where I taught my classes, into my second bedroom 175 square feet. But when I am done, you won't believe how much I will get in there! I made sure that there are two stations (you always want someone else over to play!) with the ability to add perhaps 2 more... Then next I need to check out my complex's great room (that holds 27) to see about doing some crafting down there. In addition, I will be looking for churches and any other places that have large areas in both the Lehigh Valley and/or Hunterdon Co. where I am now. If you know of a place, let me know because I want to work up a class and stamp-a-stack schedule! Thanks for visiting guys!!

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