Sunday, October 5, 2008

Heeeeerrrrrreeeeee's Candy!!!! (Think Johnny Carson!)

This post will stay at the top until October 5th (my birthday) when I will pick the winner using a random number generator! You have until October 5th, 2008, NOON Eastern Standard Time US.

Celebration Time, Come on!!!! Yessiree Bob, past the 5k mark thanks to all of you! SO- on to candyland!!! Check out the picture of the blog candy I am offering y'all!

The candy is a set of 12 Studio G, Clear Stamps of the 12 calendar months Jan to Dec, plus a scrapbooking set and one clear block. They are so dang cute and adorable - and it took me 7 stores to get a complete set to offer them to you... So what do you have to do to win these?

  1. leave a comment on this post about why you love stamping or scrapping - OR what your favorite technique is.
  2. if you have a blog - please post and let everyone know about my candy offer - and leave me a link so I can see your blog!!
  3. only one entry per person
  4. this is not restricted to US (which is why I don't have SU stuff - afraid to somehow break the demo rules about mailing stuff out of the US)
  5. Have a GREAT October month (and enjoy the rest of Sept too!! LOL)

Thanks for visiting! And KEEP ON STAMPIN'!!!!!


gina said...

Wow what lovely candy, you are very generous, I love stamping, it always amazes me that I can actually create something from an image
I will leave a link on my blog
Gina xxx

maiahs_momma said...

LOVE this candy a lot, as I don't have most of those sets...I have some but not all. thank you so much for this chance at winning them :)!


lyzzydee said...

Lovely stamps. I'll give you a mention on my blog. I am still a novice stamper but I have recently tried out masking my stamps, with mixed results!!!

wendies scrappings said...

Awesome blog candy! I have none of those stamps. Would love to take care of them ;)

I put a link on my blog, telling about the great candy.



Suzanne said...

Wow what great Candy pleased I read this post reminds me I must get your card in the post!! Sue :o)

Bunny B said...

I love stamping and scrapping because it gives me a way to exercise my creativity :) Great candy! Thank you so much for the chance! I've blogged!

bunnybx at gmail . com

Oma said...

Ooh, I love candy. I have a blog but suck at leaving a link (I'm computer illiterate challenged) but I do have you in my google reader - does that count?

TinaJewel said...

Wow! I look at your candy and drool! LOL
One for each month is such a swell idea! I just found your blog and loved all of your neat creations! My mother loved scrapbooking 18 years ago. But this was before the scrapbooking craze. She did not have a computer and typed all of her things on a punch typewriter. Any decorations we had were cut from old boughten cards, wallpaper books, and magazines. That was before we ever heard of "safe" papers! We would color and decorate whole scrapbooks with markers and pencils! Making cards, etc reminds me of her. She passed away of cancer when I was 19. I added you to my blog here
and will be subscribing to your blog with my google reader!

Loz said...


I came here linked from Lyzzydee's blog! I would love a chance at winning some of these beautiful goodies! I'm still a fairly new scrapbooker and I'm always on the look out for new ideas to get me going and to inspire! I haven't had a chance to play with stamps at all yet! I'm looking at starting a scrapbooking blog when I get a bit better at the craft.
Thanks for the chance to win!


Linda said...

Thanks so much for the chance to win such awesome blog candy. Love your blog and all of the ideas.
Linda Peterson

Stampin Cats said...

Happy Birthday!!! Love the cherrs to you cards. I just got this set the other day. I haven't got to play with it yet.
The blog candy is awesome. I have been looking everywhere for these months stamps. I had just discovered these cute $1 stamps right after these were out.
I love stamping because I can create cards that are unique to my friends and family. I never have to worry about buying the same card my mom did, she's not a stamper.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday! I enjoy browsing your blog. Everybody loves stamps... thanks for the fun chance!


Claudia said...

You have a wonderful blog ! I love stamping with my cuttlebug, texture and ink, great combo. I've linked you to my blog.

Linda W said...

Stamping is my minute break from the world -- lets me relax. Love the website.

ribenaruby said...

Congratulations on the double celebrations! Thanks for the opportunity to win these fabulous stamps. Stamping is what I enjoy best as you can use several techniques on to the image after.Link and post is on my blog.

Princeska said...

awww, that's gorgeous cadny fo us, stampers.
i really love stamps, because i can color it in different combination and i can create thousands of card with just one stamp because you can adapt them to different styles of cards.
yes, i love stamping :))

i left a link to your lovely blog on mine-

hugs, Anja

bolha said...

Hi Reen!
I love stamps because I can´t draw very well and the images you can get these days are gorgeous. And you just have to have a stamped image on your card, it´s that more special. I also left a link on my blog, you can find it here:

Doris said...

wonderful candy! oh I dream about stamps every night (and day sometimes) I love stamping becouse it relax me, I like to make cards or gifts to my frinde, so stamps are perfect:)here is my blog

Louise, that's me!! said...

You know I am so in Sis.... and thanks for the heads up!

Mayra said...

Hi. I love those stamps, thanks for the chance to enter your blog candy.

Sue D said...

Nice blog candy--Great to have the whole set!
I love stamping for many reasons--you can finish a project in a short period of time, the cards you make bring joy to others and there are so many techniques you never get bored with it.

Sabine said...

Oh, I love those little stamps :)
I enjoy stamping and making cards a lot - it's my creative outlet.
I out a link on my blog.

~Chris~ said...

Happy early Birthday.. What cute little Stamps.. I love to stamp and make Card because I hope that it will bring a Smile to those I send them to.. My fav tech. lately is Watercoloring.
I linked your Blogcandy on my Blog.

Loreen said...

What great blog candy! My favorite stamping technique is to paper piece it. I hope you have a wonderful birthday =)

Anonymous said...

Wow, great blog candy. My favorite thing about scrapping is preserving memories. I love to sit and look at scrapbook pages of my kids when they were babies. It is also nice to take a walk down memory lane now and then.


Anonymous said...

Here is the link to your blog candy on my blog:

Cris A said...

What generous blog candy!!

Karten-Stempel-Chaos by Inge said...

great blog cnady! Thanks for the chance to win! I love to stamp because it´s always makes me happy!
I post a link to your candy on my blog.

Kaszellek said...

Hi, wonderful, very 'stampy' candy! yummy!!

there is my blog:

why do I love crafting? because it's a lovely way to express yourself, because it's a pleasure to play with wonderfull colors and shapes, because sometimes it helps me to run away from grey routine... I haven't got favourite technique jet, but looking for it is a great pleasure!

Loretta Rodger said...

Great Candy! I love all the goodies, I hope you will really have a great birthday!

Stamp Happy

-- I've got candy!


sue said...

WOW WOW WOW what fantastic candy. I love stamping, but like to try all sorts. I tend to alternate between cards and scrapbooking.
I've put a link on my blog here.
Thanks for the chance to win
Hugs Sue x

Anonymous said...

I'm just starting but its a lot of fun


Maria Matter said...

Wow, this is very generous of you!! Great Candy!
I started as a scrapper, was introduced to stamping and it just took off! This is the first real hobby I've had since raising my four kids to an age that I can actually have a hobby!!
I gave you a shout on my blog and listed you in my Candy blogroll.
Check it out:
Reen's Candy
Blessings, Maria

Rheannon said...

What a great candy giveaway~ I LOVE stamping. I know I have so much to learn but thus far I adore the process. From selecting to coloring and most of all give the creation away. I love to bring someone joy from something I made thinking about them. Stamping has definately become a passion that will grow forever.

Tania said...

hi dear! i'm an italian girl and i love so much stamping and scrap! unfortunately in italy is very hard to find a beautiful stamps and i'm a new scrapper so i've just a little stamps and i've an alphabet handmade (made by me) ^_^

i would like to win this stamps beaucase are very beautiful!

ok... i think that's all ^_^

good luck at all

hugs dear

Margo said...

What adorable stamps - I would love to add them to my collection!!
I love to stamp and create cards, as the projects are so "doable" no matter what amount of time I have to scrap . I love that I can have a completed card in no time, and still feel that I have had some "me" time and be productive all at the same time!

Stitchinwitch said...

I love stamping in general especially into friendly plastic. I love that with papercrafts I can see it building up so fast (I also cross stitch)

I have left a link in my blog said...

Wow, this is very generous of you!! Great Candy!
I love all the goodies, I hope you will really have a great birthday!

orkaloca said...

Hi ^_^ I'd like to join in^_^
I've put a link to your blog candy Here

thanks for the chance!


Andrea said...

What awesome blog candy! I love stamping and scrapbooking. I love all of the images that allow me to create new stuff all of the time!

I'll add your candy to my blog!


Rhynah said...

What a fabulous blog candy you're offering. Wow!

I love stamping 'cause every stamp you make you can color however you want. It's an unlimited access to lovely pictures that always match the colors of the papers you're using. :D

I'll make a post of your blogcandy on my blog and wish you a nice October, too! :)

- Rhynah

Annelies said...

Great candy! I love cardmaking because it's my creative outlet. I've also met so many great people through this and I like to give something personal to my friends and family.
Here's my link .
Thanks for a chance to win! Greetings from Belgium, Annelies

Kirsikka said...

Wow!!! You have such a great candy. I have made cards about four years.
Five months ago I started stamping and now I'm hooked ;)
Greetings from Finland

~* Donna *~ said...

oh my word that's alot of candy!

I have added a link to my blog on my " blog Candy " section on top right of my Craftykrafts Blog

Also the Reason i love stamping so much is , you can do so many things with just 1 stamp, your not really restricted to just " stamping" you can emboss, You can change the way the stamp looks but masking some off, or even added cute accent stamps in , you can do different effects its endless with stamping.


Ps. its great to see a fellow Alzheimers Association fighter, We surport them due to my Grandma having Alzheimers, its not a nice illness, and its great to see there is supporters out there!

Rhonda Morgan said...

I love stamping because I get to meet great friends like YOU! And it pays me to share my creativity and allows me to be home with my girls! what more could i ask for! love ya, your blog candy looks great! i'll go add a link! Happy Birthday too!!

daphné said...

I first got into stamps by a friend who is addicted by them and now i'm getting addicted as well. i almost always use stamps on my scrappages.
i've placed a link on my blog.
belgian greetings,

Chatty said...

Hi Reen: I love the Candy. Thanks os much for featuring me on your blog with my cards for the twinnies. They loved them. As long as you have the ideas I will make good cards.
Happy Birthday Soul Sista!
See you Friday night.
Love your Chatty

Andrea said...

Oh wow, this is a great candy. Thanks for the chance to win this. I post your candy on my blog.
At the moment, i like to coloring with prismacolors.
Hugs, Andrea

Renata van Miltenburg said...

Wauw...this is great blogcandy!! Mine is a little poor compare to mine ;) (You may join in mine if you like too!)

My favorite technic is (hand) stiching, I do this on every card!

Thanks for the chance to win!

Kind regards, Renata

Bernd said...

i love stamping , often with magnolia ant hänglar stamps , thes figures are very lovely , best regards from austria , belo the link to my blog .

greetings , bernd

Heike said...

Wow, Ren wonderful blog, wonderful blog candy. I linked you on my Blog......

Thanks for the chance to win....


Levina said...

What a great candy, what I like about making cards is that you can make them personal en special for the person you’re sending him to.
And it's great to do it with friends, stamp and scrap.
Happy Birthday!


KAMAFTUT said...

wow, what great candy. I would love to win. Here's my link:

Happy Birthday !!!!

Best regards


Sophie said...

Wow! What a wonderful candy!
What I love about scrapping is the fact I can do something special for someone important for me. I usually do scrap-things for presents :)

I wrote about your candy here:

Juut said...

Really great stamps! What I love about stamping is that you can make such different things with one stamp every time. Sometimes it's even surprising how it's gonna look like when I'm finished!
Happy birthday. Have a great day

lisa808 said...

Happy Birthday!

I just love to create things. I use my Sizzix quite often. Other items that I am always reaching for are punches and stickles.

This is a very generous candy package you are offering. Thank you for the chance to win.

I have posted it on my blog. You can find it here:

M.S said...

OMG .. this look so great, I love this stamps!
Happy birthday ( I now that it is tomorrow, but is better to say it now, than never )

So there is my blog with note about your Candy :D
Please pick me :D

Karen said...

I've never seen so many stamps in one candy! Thanks for the chance to win them - I'd be thrilled to bits!
I've linked you on the right of my blog

Ros said...

wow these stamps are great! I am just introducing myself to stamps... I love them since I was a child but I never got the chance to get so near to them... but yesterday I finally got that chance! today I will post them on my blog!
My favourite art until now has been cross stitching!

carine said...

oohh what a nice candy..i hope i am not to late

Sammacco said...

Wohow! What a candy! I hope that I found this at time!

Anonymous said...

What wonderful blog candy. I love stamping because I can escape from everything else and just be in my own little world for a while. Right now my favorite technique is just coloring and then blending with gamsol. Very basic but soothing.
you will be on my blog candy alert blog roll

Lili said...

I hope it is not too late... Happy Birthday!!!

Anja said...

Hi, what a nice set of clearstamps. I love them!
I like scrapping and stamping because you can show something personal on it.

You can find my link to your blog over here: click here