Monday, October 13, 2008

Tease of Our Last Girls' Night Out!!

Here is a quick peek at the three cards we did on October 3rd for my Girls' Night Out event...I will post these lovely beauts one at a time later...I am too tired right now and who knows WHAT I might write!! And - 5 am comes awfully early for humans....YIKES!! (at least THIS human!! LOL)

Also just a quick share...I found a kindred spirit who is "da bomb!" that I would love to be friends with.....I saw her today for a few minutes while I got some new frames {sniff sniff - no contacts - except for play when I go out ...drat!!!} Anywho ...her name is Gail Pelosi and she is my new eye doctor....I highly recommend her if you're in the me if you want the deets! Unfortunately, we have met a few (DOZENS) of doctors in the last 15 years - and when you find a gem you gotta grab 'em and keep 'em!! They are few and far between....


Louise, that's me!! said...

They look Fab! i can't wait to see them in their indivdual full blown glory.

Suzanne said...

They look great love the new stamps. Would you like to send your eye doctor to me here in the UK!! Sue :o)

Manna said...

These are cool! Love to see more details later :)

Katie said...

These look fab, especially the cup cake card. Looking forward to seeing them up close and personal!


gina said...

great cards, the left one looks yummy :)
Gina xxx

Wendy said...

Love your cards!! They are all so different, but equally as pretty!

I totally agree with your comment about latching on to any gem of a doc you come across. It makes such a difference!!!

Have a great day!

lyzzydee said...

I particularly like the cake card!!!