Friday, May 14, 2010

Dream Night with Shelli...{sigh}

Oh there are no words to describe a stampin' event, let alone one with the Queen of Stampin' Up!, Shelli Gardner. This is what every CEO needs to be like...if they were we would be out of this recession in a snap!! One of my INKredible sisters won a Dream of a Lifetime workshop to be done by Shelli as well as a session with other demo's. I wasn't sure I could make this or not, but obviously, the stars were aligned, and off I went to Short Hills NJ with about 150 other demo's. So Dream Night was to be a jammie night, but since I was driving through two states, there and back since I wasn't staying over at the Hilton, I thought, hmmmm, better not possibly scare two sets of state police, LOL. So I just wore comfy clothes, the regular attire at any stampin' event. So, in a room of only about 150, it was like a wedding with Shelli the Bride AND Groom, and she was just loose in the room chatting us up like an ol' pal. Goodness gracious, she is "da bomb", I tell ya!!! So - Dawn is a whirlwind and had a lovely evening for us (she ran it all and Shelli just graced us with her presence). During the night of festivities, one of Dawn's down-line had a birthday, and so Dawn created a birthday cake made of these little bags - done in the pink fabric she had the p.j.'s she and Shelli and her workers had on, as well as some of the work aprons. This was based off of a diaper cake I have seen by Shelli before. The BEST part though, was everyone at the party got "a piece of cake" or namely, one of these cutie-patootie bags.

So you can't have a cake without a cake topper, right?!!?!? Look at this one done with our big shot die cuts!

And then here I am, my sister INK-er Dale took this pic while I was chatting with Shelli. How cool was that?!?!?!

And again, Dawn and Shelli were just on the loose the whole evening. Available for anyone to talk to, and Shelli signed autographs and took pictures with all. What a wonderful, gracious, special lady. And she stamps to boot!! Woo Hoo!

While I am still on this Dream Night high, I am off to play in my craft room. I have to finish the eight projects we had to do for the evening. Then, I'll be back with pictures of those projects as well as some of the lovely swap cards I got. Ahhhhhh, I love a stampin' night........
Thanks Dawn!!!

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