Saturday, July 24, 2010

Belated Father's Day Posting

So here is Stephanie's card to my husband. He grills all year long, and he IS the cook of the house so we are talking pretty frequent here! So how appropriate is the card?!?!? Stephanie and Ryan learned the tri-fold card, and went crazy making cards for their dads, grandpas and for my Bob, Steph's step-father (since age 5 - long time).

Ah, then here is the picture of Steph and Bob outside the theater in NYC where Stephanie took us BOTH (yippee!) to see the show "Jersey Boys". My DH grew up in Montclair NJ , and is Sicilian, so the show was very apropos. Ahhhh, the music was SOOO GOOD! What a wonderful evening we had. Dinner out and a show. Life is good! You have no idea how wonderful it is to go to NYC and not have one doctor appointment or medical test! Here's hoping that lasts for a long time!!

So somehow, Stephanie has this thing for staying after at the stage door. Now where on earth did she get that from?!?!?! (wink* wink*) This is the lead singer who was Frankie Valli. She got almost everyone's autograph in her program. We got more pics, but unfortunately they are blurry. So this is all you get! LOL Enjoy!!

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