Thursday, July 1, 2010

Carol, This One's For You!!!

So my girlfriend Carol moved to the Denver area from Pennsylvania, and recently they had a tornado watch and I think an actual tornado. Now my lovely pal doesn't ever turn her cell on unless she needs it, so she's out bee-bopping around town, and her hubby is FRANTIC trying to get hold of her. She sees all this destruction on her way home and calls her hubby to comment on it...I do believe she got yelled at! ;-) Anyhoo...once I knew she was safe and sound, the thought for this card popped into my head, and I laughed all through the creation of it and in the mailing...and it made me chuckle on and off until it reached her. I knew she would love it and scream right out loud when she saw it! I was right!! So - here's my lil smart-a** card for my beloved, and thankfully safe, girlfriend....hope you like it! Oh - by the downline Tammy sent me a picture of a card with a proto (or TOTO) type for the doggie since she knows I could do it like Scruffy - but I don't know who to thank for the idea. If its you, please let me know and I will give you credit for my dawg. ENJOY!! (muwhahahahahahaha!!)


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Alex said...

I LOVE this Reen, what a great card! *STAMPIN HUGS* Alex