Friday, May 9, 2008

Check out this storage system!!!

Ok fellow stampers - such a deal I have for you!! I have attached a copy of a flyer that I took pictures of - so I hope you can see the is really great and made well. I met the owners of this company last month in Allentown PA at a lil stamping convention and they were sooo nice! Not only that - I had made the mistake of walking on by their display because I mistakenly assumed their products cost as much as those I have seen in our stamping craft trade magazines. Well - let me tell you - they are not too much!! I took the flyer to my up-line meeting and Tracy's husband said he couldn't even make that for what they are charging and that it was a really good deal! I saw the product myself and it is very well made. The wood is ready for paint or stain or you can leave it beautiful natural wood. You can LOAD your stamps in the trays - and pull out trays as you want or need - stack 'em - use the stuff - and then at the end of the day (or weekend!! LOL) you can grab 'em and put 'em back! WOW! So I plan on getting myself one with all short drawers for my non SU stamps and for some SU that are retired. I asked about the shipping if I did not buy one at the convention site, and they said - no worry - call and we can arrange a meet up - you see the peeps travel the country with all the shows/conventions - so there is always a time they can meet you for a pick-up....Now THAT'S what I call SERVICE!!! And no - I am getting no kick-back for this...I am paying full price for my cabinet ($260). I just HAD to share with you the product. It's not often you find stuff like this, so when you do...your stampin' sistas NEED to know!! Click on the pics so they get big enough to see the PRICES!! GO GET 'EM BABY!!!!!!


suzann said...

What an awesome storage unit! You lucky girl!

lyzzydee said...

I would LOVE one of these!!!!