Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Check out February's Girls' Night Out!!!

We had a marvelous time! My peeps were working away at their 15 cards...AHHHHHH....what could be better than a bunch of women crafting, stamping, laughing, eating and sharing!!!

Doesn't every event have a guard dog? LOL Scruffy to the rescue!

Sorry the pic is fuzzy - but ruba dub dub - look at the grub!!!
Can you say Ghiardelli chocolate brownies and rice krispie treats!
(Thank you Tammy!!)

The rest of the pics are of "genius burning"
....(danged if I can remember what piece of literature that came from....)
Anyway - make sure you let me know ASAP if you want to come to March's event...and don't miss the fun!


Wendy said...

Holy Cah-rap! Is that your personal stampy space? Will you adopt me???

Have a great day!

Manna said...

Wendy, my sentiment, exactly! Adopt me too, Reen! :)

Maureen said...

but...I ALREADY have adopted you two!!! LOL be my sistahs!! So just let me know when you wanna come over!!!!

Alex said...

Okay, is THIS YOUR STAMP SPACE???!!! I hate you, I really really hate you!! (well,not really, but I AM jealous!!!! ) :-)


Katie said...

I want to come and play too!