Tuesday, March 31, 2009

I know, I know...candy is a'comin'!!!!!

I know I promised you candy and candy you shall have...its just been a bit crazy (when not?)- I thought I had until May to defend my doctoral dissertation - in person - in Florida - and guess what? NOPE! I have to do it BEFORE April 23rd, when the semester ends...AHHHHH!! Anyway...I am coping...two meetings a week with my chairperson until its done...but I have been collecting...its just that some of the good stuff I want to add to the candy is "in a safe place"...kwim? Gonna take me a bit to find it...but I promise, pinky-swear - the candy will be up by this weekend!!! And you will LOVE IT! LOL

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Wendy said...

Ha....I always say "in a safe place" too!!

Good luck with all of the doctoral/smarty farty stuff....I am so impressed by you and your pursuit of this. Hope you celebrate big time when it is done!!

Have a great day!