Saturday, August 9, 2008

Décor Elements…ooh, la la!!

OK - so I was supposed to put this in yesterday...forgive me, but we had family and friends coming over last night (all the females!!) and I underestimated how long it would take to sand blast clean the entire house, since several people (like my sister) had not seen the house before – so that meant top to bottom cleaning – and you KNOW how that is!! So, ok – on to the OOHH LA LA!!!

So feast your eyes on our demo of the new colors for the decor as Jill from SU! demonstrates for us...and then some of the wall pix (that were taken by the wonderful Patty Bennett) to show you size and scale (and beauty!!) and how the vignettes were set up to show how to use in all types of decor!! Just LOOK!

This lets you check out the actual size of the elements... DOES go with antiques too!

And these decor elements don't just need to be used on walls...they are like gigantic rub-ons!! How cool is that ?!?!?!?!

Hope you enjoyed your view of our new product line! I am sooooo excited!!


Manna said...

Ahhh...more feast to the eyes!

Katie said...

Wow this stuff is amazing!


Alexandra said...

Aren't these just yummy! I can't wait to decorate! *STAMPIN HUGS* Alex

suzann said...

I love the colors, everything looks so cool!

Wendy said...

Everything looks amazing! I am impressed with the designs, and think they look so fun!!

Have a great day!

digibbs said...

Hey there chickie.
I gave you an award! Use it wisely! Ha!
Love ya,

Kim Marie said...

What great photos! I almost feel like I'm there (can you make me a sign, too?! ;) Can't wait to look through the new catty (I get mine from my demo today!) Great stuff!
Kim Marie