Wednesday, August 6, 2008

I found my SBS9 sistah!! YIPPEE!!

OK - so there are like 7,000 demo's at convention and I needed to find my SBS9 sister Alex. Thank God Alex isn't the "miss-ish" type, cuz I was blatantly and shamelessly looking for her at convention....because you KNOW I forgot to get her contact information to bring with me to Salt Lake! Ugh! Anyway - Stephanie was pretty much mortified the whole day - "MOTHERRRRRR!!!" and "you're so weird" - she even hated me talking to strangers, just making everyday you do that, or am I really weird? Anyway - back to the story at hand! I carried this sign all day long on Saturday, knowing it was our last day....and for the last 4 days I had been eye-ing EVERYONE!!!! I found four other people that I was looking for from pictures from the web - and I got to meet them , like the new advisory board member Patty Bennett, but no Alex anywhere for my sore eyes. Hence - "the sign". SO - now its mid afternoon and right before our last General Session at convention - so I knew this would be I held that darn sign as high over my head as I could and walked the whole dang floor!!! Someone suggested that I go up front by the stage for the cameraman - and off I went....did I ever mention how shy I am.....NOT!!! LOL SO - I get myself in front of the cameraman and wallah!! I am on the big screen with my sign!! For like 15-20 seconds!! (ah fame!) People were coming up to me - "I saw her" "She was just on line at xyz with me" etc etc...but I didn't see her....So I was walking - with sign - in the middle section going towards the back - when I see a small, wee cyclone a'coming through the crowd!!!! YES IT WAS MY SBS9 SISTER ALEX!!!!! We hugged and hugged and laughed and laughed....I got to meet her!!!! I was so dang excited! She even wanted "the Sign" poor excuse for a sign...but a sister's gotta do what a sister's gotta do.....with what ya got on hand....and that poor sign was it! Found her, didn't I?!?!?! I just knew that I couldn't be out from PA and her out from CA in SLC without meeting because who KNOWS when we may have the chance again!!! She must think I'm nuts! There is actually more to the story (like me sneaking into the SU survey computer room and emailing her - and going on our yahoo database and getting her home # and calling her DH!!!) but you don't want to hear about that! Anyway - here are two happy sistahs!!!!


Debbie Yates said...

A sister on a mission!!! I love it!!!! Congratulations...that was quite a feat with over 7000 participants!!!!

LuLu said...

WOW - what a clever bunny you are going upto the camera man. Determined or what? Great photo of the pair of you and it looks like you were having great fun.

Manna said...

You were definitely on a mission! Good for you! Glad you two meet up and all. Fun pix and be sure to scrap a page for it! Fun to read!

Alexandra said...

You crack me up!!! I have had more people talk to me about this - LOL! I am very glad we got to meet!! *STAMPIN HUGS* Alex

Suzanne said...

Wow how fantastic you got to meet one of our sisters in real life, mind you I have been lucky enough to spend some time with Natalie our sisters rock!!!! Sue :o)

Wendy said...

Ha....great story! Your narrative is hysterical! So fun that the two of you got to meet! Wooohooo SBS9!!

Have a great day!

Katie said...

Well done Reen!! This could be a plot for a film .....'when Reen met Alex' LOL.
I'm so glad your persistence paid off. You both look like you're having the best time!


Louise, that's me!! said...

The lengths we go to. lol.
So pleased you managed to find Alex!

suzann said...

What a fun story on trying to find Alex. How fun to met one of our sisters in person!