Saturday, August 16, 2008

ok - while I reshoot some pics...

So - I have been looking everywhere for my camera.....and then I find it and the dang cord is NOT in the then I am looking everywhere for THAT....unfortunately that takes DAYS....why? 'Cuz every dang time I go to a room looking for something, I see something that needs doing and think - "I'd better do that while I remember..." and of course - next thing ya know - I am doing all kinds of stuff and not finding the dang cord!! I used to laugh at that old joke - but it ain't funny no mo' ... it seems to be my life these days...I am seriously thinking I need a notepad to hang around my neck for goodness sakes!!!

So - anyway - I find the camera - take really dark pics - finally find the cord - upload - hate the way they look and decide to go here are a few more convention highlights for you while you wait!! LOL In no particular order...

Receiving our FREE set donated from UPS - The Mc-yD one at that!!

Us eating at the Hard Rock....this was the closest we got to the Osmonds...
I could DREAM about them being our entertainment, couldn't I???

Me and Stef at Make N Takes with our new 3 free sets!!

SU spoiling us yet again with cupcakes at lunch
(and YES that medallion IS chocolate! See what you get with a female CEO?!?!?!)

Shelli donating on behalf of SU! to Ronald McDonald Charities for the quarter

Our evening at Benihanna...four INKredible girls...we had 9 there all together

And lastly - me and the Queen, Shelli Gardner (long may she live!)
I just love her....and SU too....(did I ever mention that before?!?!? LOL)


Natalie said...

What great photo's, thanks for sharing, looks like you had a fab time. x

Manna said...

Ha, ha, you are so funny! I love reading your posts. Shelli looks like she'll be around a long time! Great pix! TFS.

suzann said...

I looks like you had just too much fun! Thanks for sharing the pictures!

Katie said...

LOL know how it feels to loose your camera lead!!
Great photos, I'm so glad you had such a good time!